Interactive Design Studio Italy based.

Hello!Brain è una digital agency che nasce con l'obiettivo dichiarato di proporre un prodotto innovativo sui nuovi media.
Ogni progetto è la traduzione interattiva di un concept creativo strategico.
Condividiamo la passione per la ricerca e la sperimentazione in ambito artistico - tecnologico per far si che idee vincenti possano essere tradotte in esperienze digitali coerenti.
Siamo un'agenzia multipiattaforma che produce siti internet, installazioni interattive, video, content management system, applicazioni e tutto ciò possa trarre vantaggio dall'utilizzo di tecnologia digitale.
www.jagermusic.itCreate your track and share it on the web. You could become part of the special line-up performing during JägerMusic – Music Shot events!
Since that moment the company Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo has been growing through years, preserving its own feature of family owned business and achieving the faith of consumers thanks to its commitment in researching top quality for its products. Thanks to this commitment Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo is the third Italian brand as producer of fresh pasta and ravioli. Besides the Italian retail market, nowadays it is a well-known joint-stock company at the European level, with a unique feature: three generations, from Umberto and Ebe up to their grandchildren, are undertaking the company management, with the same passion and care of the first working.
www.loscoiattolo.it Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo is a company specialized in the production of filled and unfilled pasta, whose key features are the quality and authenticity of its products trough the accurate choice of raw materials. It was set up in 1983 by Mr Umberto Belletti and his wife Ebe, helped by their very young daughters Anna and Giancarla as well as their respective husbands. The company name, which has always been arousing great curiosity, comes from a trip to the mountain of all the family, who, being still doubtful about the name of the newborn company, after having seen a squirrel going through the wood, decided to give the name of that nice little animal, which calls back the idea of natural, pristine and fresh environment, to the company.
www.lemamobili.com Based in the heart of an area in Northern Italy which is world famous for the production of furniture, Lema designs and manufactures furnishing systems aimed at making space more comfortable, rational and efficient. Its creations can be found in the homes of thousands of people who are receptive to quality and design, although Lema is also present in hotels, offices, community homes, residences, banks and insurance companies.